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NIHL is owned and founded by Artist and Designer Neil Patrick Grotzinger. Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Grotzinger draws most of his inspiration from dispositions of thought based around the concept of masculinity that saturated his Midwestern, suburban upbringing.  Utilizing iconic American symbols as a tool for subversion, he intends to break down false perceptions of what it means to be, act or seem male.

Neil came to New York City to study fashion design at Pratt institute, graduating in 2014, and went on to work as a womenswear designer for the likes of Marc Jacobs, Prabal Gurung, and Diane Von Furstenburg, focusing primarily on hand beadwork, textile and embroidery design. Eventually realizing that his skill set was both applicable and rarely utilized within menswear, he left the industry to attend the MFA program for Fashion Design and Society at Parsons New School for Design and start his own brand.  His work has since evolved into a culturally stimulating, and politically infused argument around what we are willing to accept as male.  He utilizes his skill set to infuse traditional separates with elements of couture craftsmanship in a way that consistently challenges stereotypes and hones in on an erotic sensation which he simply describes as "Masculine Effeminacy."